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How does Ebb® work?

Our innovative, proprietary, science-based solution treats the root of sleeplessness – reducing activity in the frontal cortex of the brain. Imaging research and clinical studies conducted by internationally recognized sleep specialist, Eric Nofzinger, MD, demonstrated that precise, constant cooling of the forehead, calms the Racing Mind, making it easier to fall asleep naturally and enter more deep, restorative sleep through the night.

Can’t I just use an ice pack?

Ebb® with PrecisionCoolTM Technology is the only product proven to cool the forehead to a precise temperature range, reducing racing thoughts and promoting the natural onset of sleep. An ice pack is not effective in that it’s both too cold and cannot maintain its cool consistently through the night.

Health and Safety

Has Ebb been clinically tested?

Three independent clinical studies were conducted in seven prestigious sleep centers across the U.S. on more than 230 individuals, over 3,800 research nights, to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the precise cooling. In the primary randomized controlled trial, participants used Ebb for multiple nights in a sleep lab and were assessed by Polysomnographic recordings analyzed by sleep clinicians. The innovation’s precise cooling produced improvements in the ability for participants to fall asleep and enter deeper, more restorative sleep faster. Participants experienced no significant side effects.

How to Get Ebb

Can I try Ebb before deciding to purchase?

The Ebb Total Sleep System can be returned after trying within 60 days from purchase.

How can I order Ebb?

You can order Ebb by calling (800) 381-1145 (MON-FRI 8AM-5:30PM EST) or online at www.ebbsleep.com/product/ebb. We ship orders to all U.S. states.

Can I finance the purchase of Ebb?

Yes, Click Here for more details.

Can I buy Ebb if I live outside of the US?

Currently Ebb is only available in the U.S. We hope to offer Ebb in more countries in the future. Thank you for your patience.

Trial and Cost

How does the risk free trial work?

We are confident that Ebb will help you to achieve more satisfying sleep, and want you to feel confident in your purchase. Try Ebb in your home, absolutely risk-free, for 60 nights. If you are not completely satisfied after use, call us within 60 days to return the product, no questions asked. No strings attached.

Getting Started

Will I experience results the first time I use Ebb?

Many of our users have reported success on the very first night with Ebb. Others need some more time to adjust. In either case, we look forward to hearing about your most satisfying sleep with Ebb.

What temperature setting should I start with?

We recommend starting with temperature setting P7 and then adjusting for comfort (P1 is the coolest setting and P10 is the warmest). It can take up to 10 minutes for Ebb to reach the set temperature.

When should I use Ebb?

We recommend using Ebb 20-30 minutes before bed time as part of your wind down routine. Once you feel sleepy, turn off the lights and fall asleep naturally. You may wear Ebb every night, all night. Wearing Ebb each night, along with healthy sleep habits, should help your body adjust to a new healthy sleep/wake rhythm.

General Questions

Can I control the temperature?

Yes, Ebb’s temperature range can be customized for individual preference.  

What is the best temperature setting? Is colder better?

All settings on the temperature dial will help to promote the natural onset of sleep, so choose a temperature that is most comfortable for you. Setting P1 is the coolest and setting P10 is the warmest.

Can I change sleeping positions during the night? Can I sleep on my stomach?

Go ahead, toss and turn. Our Sleep-in-any-Position Comfort Guarantee has you covered.


How can I return Ebb?

If for any reason during your free trial you wish to return Ebb, please call (800) 381-1145 (MON-FRI 8AM-5:30PM EST). We would be happy to assist you.           

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

You do not have to pay return shipping. We will provide you with a prepaid FedEx shipping label and instructions to make the return process hassle-free.

Warranty & Service Life

Does Ebb come with a warranty?

Yes, Ebb comes with a standard one-year warranty to cover the cost of repair or replacement of the Bedside Controller if the product fails under normal use conditions. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, failure to use or maintain Ebb under conditions of normal use and in accordance with the terms of the product literature, and other defects not related to materials or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to any product that may have been repaired or altered by anyone other than Ebb Therapeutics.


Are there any ongoing costs for Ebb?

To ensure that your Ebb functions properly, the fluid cartridge will need to be replaced every 2-4 months ($29). Replace the ComfortBand every 6 months or as needed based on normal wear and tear ($69).

Where can I purchase replacement items?

You can order replacement items on our website at www.ebbsleep.com/product/ebb or by calling (800) 381-1145 (MON-FRI 8AM-5:30PM EST)

Using Ebb®

We recommend you wear Ebb every night, and all night for optimal results. Wearing Ebb each night, along with healthy sleep habits, should help your body adjust to a new healthy sleep/wake rhythm. The Ebb bedside controller will maintain the set temperature all night until you shut it off in the morning.

Regulating the Temperature

It may take several nights for you to get used to the cooling, so please be patient. After turning on Ebb, it takes up to 10 minutes for the Cushion to reach the set temperature. For initial use, we suggest starting with a temperature setting of P7 and then adjusting for your comfort. As your Ebb adjusts to the optimal temperature, the cooling sensation may become more intense, but it should feel more comfortable as your body adjusts. If it feels too cold, try adjusting the temperature closer to the warmest setting. P1 is the coldest, and P10 is the warmest. If after 20-30 minutes the temperature still feels too cold, take off the ComfortBand and Cushion and try again the next night. You may feel less of the cooling sensation on your forehead over time (especially upon waking) as your skin has fully adjusted to the constant cooling. Don’t be concerned, as your Ebb will maintain your set temperature throughout the night.

Wearing the ComfortBand

Make sure the ComfortBand is positioned just above your eyebrows and above your ears going around to the back of your head. This will help keep the Cushion securely in place and will be more comfortable. If you have long hair, you may want to pull it up, allowing the ComfortBand to sit underneath your hair. Try to maintain adequate slack in the tubing so you can move freely, especially if you tend to change sleeping positions throughout the night.

You may notice some redness on your forehead in the morning from wearing the ComfortBand. This is normal and should go away in 10 or 20 minutes. You may also find moisture on your forehead due to condensation caused by the reaction of the cooling Cushion, your forehead, and the temperature in the room. This is normal.

Bedside Controller

The bedside controller should be placed on your nightstand and not on the floor. This will help to ensure it functions properly. Since the controller is electronic, it will emit a low sound when powered on. Most users get used to this over time, however, if you or your sleeping partner prefers a quieter environment or a different sound, you may want to consider using ear plugs, or a white noise or other sound machine.

Error Message

If for any reason your Ebb stops working and you see an error code displayed on the screen, please check the troubleshooting section of your owner’s manual, or call the Customer Care Team for assistance at (800) 381-1145.


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