8 Out of 10 Ebb® Users Reported Sleeping Better Through the Night

Why not join them? When you’ve tried it all, sleep deprivation can be especially frustrating. But there’s a natural way you can sleep well and take on tomorrow with renewed hope.

Is This What You Experience?

Trouble sleeping

Worried I won’t sleep at night

Not functioning well during day

Racing Mind / Overactive thoughts

Frequent wake-ups

Tossing & turning to find the best sleeping position

Tried countless sleep aids

Don’t want to take sleeping pills

You’re ready for Ebb.

Understanding Your Racing Mind

See the science behind why continuous thoughts keep you up at night.

Ebb Really Works

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Lynda F., PA

“I began falling asleep more quickly, consistently sleeping for longer periods, sleeping more deeply, waking refreshed (no more need for the ‘Snooze’ button), and not experiencing waves of fatigue throughout the day. I sincerely recommend Ebb for anyone in search of a good night’s sleep.”

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Christina S., MA

“I’ve suffered with sleep problems for 12 years. It’s been like a long nightmare. When I tried Ebb, the years of not sleeping well just went away. Ebb completely changed my sleep pattern, and it did it naturally. I now sleep more than 7 hours a night, and I wake up feeling rested, less stressed and healthier.”

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Corey A., NE

“I took the time to read the clinical data, and it just made sense to me. Directly cooling the frontal cortex of the brain (behind my forehead) would help my racing thoughts subside. I’ve been able to get some real sleep, without any drug-related side effects. As both a consumer, and someone in the health field, that’s very important to me.”

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Jessica D., PA

“Ebb is wonderful. I feel relaxed and calm using it and I don’t even remember falling asleep. I am in a better place because I’m getting a good night’s sleep. I am so happy that I listened to my friend and tried Ebb.”

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Tracey B., TX

“I’ve struggled with sleeplessness for 15 years. You name the product, and I’ve tried it. When I read about Ebb, it made sense to me. Cooling the front part of the brain where your active mind is working, that’s what’s happening with Ebb. I now sleep like a teenager! You must try Ebb to believe the impact it can have.”

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Arthur W., MA

“Having had sleep issues for over 40 years, Ebb has been my absolute lifeline. After my first night of using Ebb, I woke up feeling a sense of relief, pleasure and calmness. This has made an incredible difference in my life.”

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Jeffery W., GA

“Ebb has helped to slow my racing thoughts, letting me get to sleep faster.”


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