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What Our Users Say

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Nathan M.
“Ebb is a unicorn. No one’s heard of this kind of thing before. No one knows whether it works. And it’s not inexpensive. That’s why the no-risk trial was key for me. But now I do know. I’m falling asleep faster and sleeping more deeply. Even my Sleep Number bed’s tracking information is showing that Ebb is working.”
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Ann Marie G.

“I was ready to try something new. And Ebb’s science sounded interesting. It did take some time to get used to it. I find it works best to wear it before bed, to help me calm down and get ready for sleep. A big plus, it seems to also help with my headaches and allergies, which sometimes also kept me up at night.”

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Bob F.

“I had some medical issues and was taking some medications that have kept me from sleeping the last three years. It made it so that my entire life seemed to revolve around my lack of sleep. I was constantly canceling plans with family and friends. Ebb was easy to set up and it started working on the first night. It was way better than I expected. From zero to 6 hours of steady sleep, within a few days.”

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Matt G.

“I wasn’t trying to get more sleep, just better sleep. I read about Ebb in a blog; the no-risk trial convinced me to give it a go. And 10/10, I would recommend it to anyone.”

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Kevin L.

“I didn’t expect it to be like a magic pill. Just wanted it to help me sleep a little better than before. And stay asleep a little longer during the night. Right away, I really liked the cool feeling. I felt it did relax me. And, at about the two week mark, I started noticing the improvement in my sleep. Exactly what I was asking for. Not a miracle, but some real help.”

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Brendan D.

“It’s this easy. Ebb is my guarantee that I’ll get to sleep tonight.”

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Dori F.

“Business pressures have been mounting, which leaves me unable to sleep. It may not be fair, but I was hoping for the magic solution. Ebb is not magic, but the impact is quantifiable. I sleep with it every night.”

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Christopher H.

“I tried Ebb because it was an interesting concept. I was hoping that it would help reduce my racing thoughts at night, easing me into a restful sleep. It did. By the third night, I was falling asleep faster and able to decrease my dependence on sleeping pills.”

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Jim W.

“By the time I got to Ebb, I was desperate. The first night, I really struggled with it. I even had to take it off. But, by the 4th or 5th night of my trial, my sleep really started to improve. Before, I would use sleeping pills or other harmful drugs to try to sleep. Not anymore.”

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Brandon E.

“I had many stressors in my life that were making it even harder to sleep. I couldn’t fall asleep and would wake up every night at 2 am, like clockwork. I took pills, went to see multiple doctors and even changed my diet. Ebb was my last ditch effort. The science behind Ebb spoke to me, and I just had a hunch it would work. And it has. I’ve told all my Facebook friends and my sister. I say – there’s nothing like it.”

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Melissa T.

“I have a pretty serious medical condition. Despite extreme exhaustion, I often can’t sleep – even if I take the strongest, prescribed pills out there. I found out about Ebb in an online health forum, when it was only offered through a prescription. I didn’t feel like going to the doctor, so I waited. As soon as it was available direct to consumers, I jumped on it. Within a few days of my trial, I knew that I would keep it. It just works. I wear it before I go to bed, when I’m trying to sleep. And, I wear it during the day, to help me calm down.”