Ebb® with PrecisionCool Technology

Ebb is a wearable, sleep technology that features our scientifically-engineered ComfortBand. The headband – with its fluid-filled cushion – softly wraps around your head and works with your body to help you naturally fall asleep and find more restorative sleep.


Triple-layered headband engineered to fit all head shapes and sizes, ensuring comfort through the night

Cooling Cushion

Ideal-temperature cooling to just the right spots of your head, for a good night’s sleep. Featuring custom temperature control

Bedside Controller

Sleekly sits on your bedside table (7-3/4 “ high x 7-1/4 “ wide x 5-½” long; weighs 5.7 lbs., hose 6’ long)

1/1 Coaching

You may benefit from one or more customized sessions with a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, trained in both sleep and in optimizing Ebb performance

How it Works

The frontal cortex of your brain is where your thinking and problem solving takes place. Ebb is the first, and only, drug-free solution that uses continuous and precise cooling to reduce metabolic activity in the frontal cortex of your brain (feeling of a racing mind).


Overactive brain activity in
sleepless individuals


Reduced brain activity and
racing mind with Ebb


  • Born from decades of scientific research, led by a world-renowned sleep researcher
  • 3,800 night studies and brain scans revealed this revolutionary new way to sleep
  • Brought to you by Ebb Therapeutics, the company that developed the first FDA-cleared, insomnia device to use precise cooling

Pick Your Package

Ebb Total Sleep System

Most Popular
$699 $399
  • Ebb® with PrecisionCool™ Technology
  • Risk free 60-night trial
  • A bonus fluid cartridge*
  • 1 personalized coaching session
  • 1 year product warranty
  • Free shipping & handling (standard ground, 1-4 days)
  • World-class customer care
All Ebb systems include 1 cartridge at time of purchase, Ebb Total Sleep System includes a coupon for an addition free cartridge

Ebb Reconditioned System

$349 $249

New headband and tubing. Certified
like new, bedside unit. Trial not included.

  • Reconditioned Ebb® with PrecisionCool™ Technology
  • 1 personalized coaching session
  • 1 year product warranty
  • Free shipping & handling (standard ground, 1-4 days)
  • World-class customer care

Ebb Sleep Coaching

  • 4 personalized coaching sessions

Add an Accessory

Travel Bag


Replacement ComfortBand


Replenish Kit


Includes 1 ComfortBand and 1 Fluid Cartridge

Replacement Fluid Cartridge


What Our Users Say

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Nathan M.
“Ebb is a unicorn. No one’s heard of this kind of thing before. No one knows whether it works. And it’s not inexpensive. That’s why the no-risk trial was key for me. But now I do know. I’m falling asleep faster and sleeping more deeply. Even my Sleep Number bed’s tracking information is showing that Ebb is working.”
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Ann Marie G.
“I was ready to try something new. And Ebb’s science sounded interesting. It did take some time to get used to it. I find it works best to wear it before bed, to help me calm down and get ready for sleep. A big plus, it seems to also help with my headaches and allergies, which sometimes also kept me up at night.”
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Bob F.
“I had some medical issues and was taking some medications that have kept me from sleeping the last three years. It made it so that my entire life seemed to revolve around my lack of sleep. I was constantly canceling plans with family and friends. Ebb was easy to set up and it started working on the first night. It was way better than I expected. From zero to 6 hours of steady sleep, within a few days.”
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Matt G.
“I wasn’t trying to get more sleep, just better sleep. I read about Ebb in a blog; the no-risk trial convinced me to give it a go. And 10/10, I would recommend it to anyone.”
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Kevin L.
“I didn’t expect it to be like a magic pill. Just wanted it to help me sleep a little better than before. And stay asleep a little longer during the night. Right away, I really liked the cool feeling. I felt it did relax me. And, at about the two week mark, I started noticing the improvement in my sleep. Exactly what I was asking for. Not a miracle, but some real help.”
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Brendan D.
“It’s this easy. Ebb is my guarantee that I’ll get to sleep tonight.”
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Dori F.
“Business pressures have been mounting, which leaves me unable to sleep. It may not be fair, but I was hoping for the magic solution. Ebb is not magic, but the impact is quantifiable. I sleep with it every night.”
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Christopher H.
“I tried Ebb because it was an interesting concept. I was hoping that it would help reduce my racing thoughts at night, easing me into a restful sleep. It did. By the third night, I was falling asleep faster and able to decrease my dependence on sleeping pills.”
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Jim W.
“By the time I got to Ebb, I was desperate. The first night, I really struggled with it. I even had to take it off. But, by the 4th or 5th night of my trial, my sleep really started to improve. Before, I would use sleeping pills or other harmful drugs to try to sleep. Not anymore.”
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Brandon E.
“I had many stressors in my life that were making it even harder to sleep. I couldn’t fall asleep and would wake up every night at 2 am, like clockwork. I took pills, went to see multiple doctors and even changed my diet. Ebb was my last ditch effort. The science behind Ebb spoke to me, and I just had a hunch it would work. And it has. I’ve told all my Facebook friends and my sister. I say – there’s nothing like it.”
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Melissa T.
“I have a pretty serious medical condition. Despite extreme exhaustion, I often can’t sleep – even if I take the strongest, prescribed pills out there. I found out about Ebb in an online health forum, when it was only offered through a prescription. I didn’t feel like going to the doctor, so I waited. As soon as it was available direct to consumers, I jumped on it. Within a few days of my trial, I knew that I would keep it. It just works. I wear it before I go to bed, when I’m trying to sleep. And, I wear it during the day, to help me calm down.”

Meet Your Coach

Lisa Leads Behavioral Sleep Coaching at Ebb

Lisa is a passionate and dedicated Behavioral Sleep Specialist and National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). Lisa and her team have received multiple certifications in various disciplines of health and wellness coaching and has specialized training in the area of sleep.

The Ebb Sleep Coach program is a once-weekly, 4-week telephone and digitally based program that is personalized to you. Our coaches will provide guidance on healthy sleep behaviors utilizing core behavior change principles based on extensive scientific literature on the behavioral management of sleeplessness and in motivational change.

The Ebb Sleep Coach Difference:

  • Personalization: Coaches can tailor and fine-tune to your individual needs
  • Expertise: Our coaches have expertise in the most effective ways to help you approach positive change.
  • Accountability: Someone to help walk you through the process and encourage self-monitoring.
  • Availability: Ability to speak live 6 days a week with a coach or email anytime.
  • Support: Coaches support you and truly understand the frustration of sleeplessness.
  • Technique: Coaches have the best techniques for long term sustainable change, through eliciting motivation, actively listening, and action planning.

Get Started the Right Way

Some FAQs

Yes. You may acclimate on day one. But, more likely, it will take approximately 2 weeks. We suggest wearing Ebb for 30-60 minutes during the day to experience the precise cooling of the ComfortBand. Then, try wearing it 20-30 minutes prior to bedtime, for your first few nights. If it is not comfortable, you can remove it and try wearing it the next night.

Three independent clinical studies were conducted in seven prestigious sleep centers across the U.S. on more than 230 individuals, over 3,800 research nights, to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the precise cooling. In the primary randomized controlled trial, participants used Ebb for multiple nights in a sleep lab and were assessed by Polysomnographic recordings analyzed by sleep clinicians. The innovation’s precise cooling produced improvements in the ability for participants to fall asleep and enter deeper, more restorative sleep faster. Participants experienced no significant side effects.

All temperature settings are therapeutic in nature with P1 being the coldest setting and P10, the warmest. Selecting a temperature is based on your preference and comfort level only. We suggest that you start at P5 and adjust up or down according to how you feel.

Some of our users have reported success on the very first night with Ebb. Others, need some more time to adjust. In either case, our users report that their results with Ebb continue to improve over the first month of usage. So, it’s important to be consistent when making Ebb a part of your routine.

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