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  • ComfortBand Triple-layered headband engineered to fit all head shapes and sizes
  • Bedside Controller Keeps your forehead at the perfect temperature for restorative sleep; you choose the cool level for optimal comfort
  • 8 out of 10 Ebb users reported sleeping better through the night

*Up to 3 fluid cartridges & 1 ComfortBand


“It took a few days to figure it out. But, then I got the best sleep I ever had. It was a full 8 hours, and it was heaven. I tell everyone about it.”

—Tracey B., TX


  • Fluid-filled cushion designed to deliver perfectly precise and continuous, ideal-temperature cooling to just the right spots for a good night’s sleep
  • Adjustable personalized temperature control for added comfort


  • Meticulously engineered to fit your unique head shape and size
  • Triple-layered comfort lining for satisfying sleep in any position


  • Leak-locked cartridge
  • Proprietary fluid mix contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives

Using Ebb is Simple

Cartridges, Accessories & Replacements

Replenish Kit (includes ComfortBand & Fluid Cartridge**)
Save by ordering both items together.

Replacement ComfortBand
Replace every 6 months based on normal wear and tear.

Replacement Fluid Cartridge**
For best results, replace about every 2-4 months.

Travel Bag
Take Ebb with you on-the-go.

Ebb Total SleepCareTM
Personalized coaching paired with your Ebb. Includes 4 one-on-one 30-minute coaching sessions with a certified Ebb Total SleepCare professional. This item can only be purchased in combination with an Ebb (sold separately).

“My Ebb coach was great. She was obviously very well versed in sleep and sleep behaviors and she had this amazing personal commitment to helping me sleep better. She became like a family member.” —Erik A., TX

**Replacement time will vary based on usage & temperature/humidity conditions in your home. Replacement cartridges will last longer than the initial cartridge, since there is fluid still in the Ebb system when the fluid cartridge is empty.

Is Ebb Right for You?

Do you have trouble with Racing Mind at night?
Are you looking to sleep better?
Have you tried sleep monitors, apps, new pillows, natural sleep remedies, sleeping pills, etc.?
Do you want an organic, drug-free and safe sleep aid?
If so, try Ebb to get your most satisfying sleep ever.


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